Wednesday, April 6, 2011

how to wear hijab

how to wear hijab

A hijab video showing various methods and styles of how to wear hijab

Different style of hijab


  1. Two Piece Hijab
    Square hijab is exactly as it sounds, square in shape. The square hijab is available in various materials but is most commonly worn in cotton and georgette. The square hijab is preferred in Eastern Europe and South Asia. A square hijab can be printed on in the case of European hijabs and embroidered on depending on preference. A square hijab is very simple to wear. The square hijab is folded into a triangle, the square hijab is then placed over the head evenly and a pin is attached below the chin area to tighten the square hijab. The square hijab is known as the symbol of the head scarf as the world cannot mistake the square hijab with any other ordinary scarf, the square hijab is recognisable from its uniqueness.

    The square hijab is also used quite commonly in mainstream fashion. The square hijab is used as a head tie or forehead band and sometimes as a waist hold just to create a style out of the square hijab. The square hijab can be used to create various styles but is not as flexible in styling as the long hijab. The square hijab is used by children in some parts of the world. A square hijab can be folded more than once to form a small square hijab so kids can wear it. In this way mothers and daughters can share the same square hijab.