Saturday, April 9, 2011

Islamic Hijab abayas scarf burqa veils and Saree Fashion

Islamic Hijab abayas scarf burqa veils and Saree Fashion

Hijab And Saree
Many pakistani/indian muslims wearing hijab with their traditional clothing puzzle me. Most of the time I see them wear either convertable hijab, or a really tight tied, unflattering black hijab. But sometimes, this conservative black hijab is paired with short sleeves, don’t ask me why. Therefore I was happy to find this picture of two beautiful sisters sporting their hijabs in a elegant way!


saree  Famous beauty Queens with Hijab abayas scarf burqa veils

*Update: I know this post offended some of you. I am sincerely sorry, as the idea of this post was not to generalize or point out that people have bad hijab or something. I just love the Indian/Pakistani traditional wear with all it’s colors and elegance, and was happy to find a picture where the girls matched the hijab to the outfit

One of our reader says>>
I can tell you dont even know much about asians… we have the MOST beautiful girls and we definitely know how to carry off the hijab best… I mean i will report you for adressing to indian/pakistanis that way, its not about indian / pakistanis.. there are definitely others out there who wear headscarves and EXTRA tight clothes and short sleeves ( EXAMPLE : ARAB girls you see in central london) AND you dare say unflattering hijab? what do you know.. you probabily seen only few… ACTUALLY i can show you 101 pictures of asian girls with beautiful hijab style but my point here is if someone is wearing hijab.. wether it is plain black cloth, piece of old cloth just to cover the hair or simple.. THEY are covered therefore pleasing Alllah, NEVER EVER has it ever been said by the prophet S.A.W or in kitaabs / quraan that hijab must be worn in a particular way ( Beautiful style or swarozki crystles e.t.c) fair enough, It’s cool to style your hijab in whatever way you want buy DO NOT talk that way about any ethnicity in particular

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