Saturday, April 9, 2011

Islamic Hijab abayas scarf burqa veils Famous Fashion style

Islamic Hijab abayas scarf burqa veils Famous Fashion style

Famous Hijabis

Sometimes sisters are hesistant of putting on the hijab because they think they will look ugly/silly. That’s simply not right. The hijab can actually make you look cuter (not in a “bad” way, though)! Here are six famous hijabis that prove the fact!

Famous Models beauty Queens with Hijab 
  abayas scarf burqa veils
Upper left: Saudi Media Personality Muna Abu Sulayman, Upper right: Miss Arab World representing Bahrain Wafaa Ganahi, Middle left: Egyptian Actress Hala Shiha, Middle right: Egyptian Actress Hanan Turk, Down left: Malaysian Actress Wardina, Down right: Malaysian Singer Waheeda
Those girls look adorable in hijab, what do you think?

Hijab definitely makes women beautiful! There’s something about the use of color and the way that the hijab frames the face. I notice the same effect when I wear sun bonnets ~ not that I’m beautiful or anything but there’s just something about a woman’s face being framed in pretty cloth! Besides, plain ol’ hair gets downright boring after a while!!

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